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Welcome to the Nazi Zombie Wiki! Founded April 16, 2011. This is a free editable encyclopedia based on Nazi Zombies! So get a good comfy seat and tuck in!

Nazi ZombiesEdit

By all means it could be Imperial/Japanese army zombies American zombies and Russian zombies. So you may wonder what made the dead come to life well this will tell you...Edit

====A group of German research scientists composing of Doctor Maxis, his assistant, doctor Richtofen were sent by Hitler (supposedly) to experiment with new weapons and sciences. Because of this they developed the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb. ( The origins of the Ray Gun will be addressed later) But Doctor Maxis carried on and developed with the team the blueprint to the ultimate soldier, one who could take orders and be next to immortal to all bullet damage. This would of course give Axis powers a tremendous advantage over the allies. But they went wrong, (as can be hearde in the first radio in Der reise) they would not obey. as these were simply test subjects they could be controlled. the team sent the zombies through the teleporters in Der Reise but they didn't appear at the mainframe so the tests were abandoned. Doctor Richtofen left to carry on with his own torture research. Yet, Maxis and Richtofen carried on to experiment on other animals, including Maxis' daughter, Samantha's, pet dog, Fluffy. After Fluffy was sealed in the test chamber, Samantha came looking and was horrified to see her dog being experimented on. As the dog dematerialized, they rushed to check the main frame to see if the experiment was successful. It wasn't. They went back to inspect the test chamber. But Richtofen sealed Maxis and Samantha in the chamber. And then the first Hellhound appeared in a ball of lightning, Fluffy. As Samantha pleaded with Fluffy and Maxis with Richtofen, Richtofen walked away sure of their fate. Samantha cursed Richtofen and the Der Reise Factory.
The Origin of the Weapons.
Richtofen is a sociopath, bent on murder, torture and the twisted. He made the Monkey Bomb to fuse cuteness and innocence with utter chaos. Hence some in-game quotes.


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